Mok took the day off to take Alex to the zoo! We started with the elephants, met a snake, visited the baby rhino, Juba, and watched all kinds of other animals too!

We watched Willie the only male elephant walk around. There are also 4 female elephants who were inside getting a vet checkup.

We touched and held a real tusk and felt what an elephant’s skin is like.

We met a real snake and touched its skin!

We learned about why a rhino does not have front teeth!

Alex used binoculars to watch the chipmunks eat and the bumble bees collect nectar!

We watched wolves and 1 of them came right up to the window!

Juba, the baby rhino. He was born earlier this year.

These 2 seals were playing and giving each other kisses!

Alex really enjoyed seeing the camels!

The snow leopard was watching us, too!

One of Mok’s favorites — the jellyfish.